Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 20 - Trust

Today's dare is more about me then Ron.  Well, I guess most all these challenges are more about me, now aren't they?  But this one takes on a different flavor because of what is happening in my life.

You see, my dear friend, Clara Duce passed away this evening.

I love Clara.  I only got to know her in May of this year, but from the beginning we became fast and dear friends.  We studied scriptures together, we prayed together, we cried and laughed and sat in silence together.  We shared our love for each other and our families and our God.  I saw her join her heart to the Lord in baptism, sealed to her family for eternity in the Temple and I saw her struggle at the chasm between life and death.

But death is not a victor, and Satan has lost all power because our dear Clara has triumphed over the mortal and entered into the immortal.  She is at peace. I can't say I'm sad that she is gone because death is such a release from the agony of her last days.  But she was a warrior - so brave and so loving and today's challenge is no challenge at all.  I trust Heavenly Father because he showed me love and courage through sweet Clara.  I am so grateful that he let me be a part of her life.  I love her with all my heart.  I'll miss her, but somehow I think she's a part of me forever.

Prayers for her loving and dear family.

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