Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quick Rant - Nothing Big - Just Frustrating

Dear People Talking During Other People's Presentations - Okay, so you're not interested in the wonderful talk that is being don't care about the hours spent researching, pondering, praying.  You have no need to learn anything more than your brain can carry now.  But the rest of us do.  Honestly, take the conversation outside...please.  Show some consideration.

Dear Person answering the loudly ringing cell phone and TALKING on it during meetings - I have no words to express my dismay.  Bad form....bad form!!!!

Dear Person Thinking She Knows It All and Needs To Bestow Her Great Knowledge On Others - You may be the most talented, intelligent, experienced and amazing person in the room.  But please....trying to intervene during a song to tell someone how to lead the music while they're doing their best?  That makes you the most insensitive person in the room.  No, you're not helping.  Yes, you're embarrassing that poor person to death.  Stop...please...stop.

Dear Person Who Is Irritated With Silly Things - yes, Nina....that would be you.  Get over your sorry little self.

That is all.