Friday, October 24, 2008

Grandbaby invasion

The grandchildren have arrived (along with their Mommy, Veronica). We're having a grand time picking berries, playing games and trying to figure out where to fit everyone.

This is James. He's in the laundry basket

My mom who lives downstairs is being so very tolerant (though she seems to relish being able to close the door and relax).

Here are some pics of the girls outside...

This is Ron and Amber going for a ride on our tandem bike.

Here is Jade. She is crying because she wanted to go on a ride on the tandem bike too.

This is Harley. She is throwing away a banana peel. See it in the upper left hand corner?

Here is one more pic of the newest edition to the Jones family.....Master Ledbetter himself - James Ronald.

Now THAT's a cute baby!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nina and the no snow prayers

I had a FANTASTIC weekend last week visiting my baby in Idaho. 6 months since I last saw her!!!! How in the world did I survive? Well, possibly the 4 - 10 phones calls per day, but that's another story.

The only downer was the forecast for snow. As my friend Lisa and I drove to Rexburg we were told that it would snow everyday.

I hate snow. Used to love it - but no longer. I especially hate to drive in the snow.....and the road between Sequim and Rexburg can be particularly ugly in the snow.

Needless to say, I was not pleased.

So - I prayed. All the time. I asked those in the know whether it was wrong to pray for it not to snow, or whether I had any chance in asking for such a monumental task. I decided that the only argument I could give Heavenly Father was that there were so many wonderful Moms there for Mother's Weekend and that we all needed protection.

It did snow. Everyday. Big puffy snowflakes at times - hard little snow pellets at others. The cars were covered. But the streets never accumulated anything - ever.

Wow. I'm going to have to keep in check and remind myself that I am NOT so powerful as to direct the weather. It must have been all of those wonderful moms......and a very generous and patient God.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Into the Wild

Ron asked me to share some pics of the various animals you might see on our land

Such as the turtles (look on the log in the middle of the picture. Ron has many turtles. He loves his turtles. There are two in the upper pond, four in the middle pond (this one) and four in the lower pond. They like to sit on the logs in summer and stretchhhhhh their necks out to warm themselves.

We also have the bachelor herd of elk coming thru the property throughout the year. We call them 'da boys'. They're not the brightest bulbs in the package, let me tell you - but oh how we love them.

We also have "Bob", our resident bobcat. He has no real fear of us though he keeps a healthy distance (this picture was taken at a distance and obviously has been cropped). He thinks the road belongs to him, however. If he's walking up when when we're driving home, we have to wait until he's gotten to where he wanted to go because he will not get out of the way). This pic was published in the local paper. Proud day for me!

Other animals that surround us:

Deer (or as I fondly refer to them, big plant eating rats!(
Eagles (golden and bald)
Turkey vultures (truly one of the ugliest birds known to man)
Coyotes (the reason I never let my grandchildren run around the property alone)
Bears and cougars (haven't come across any myself, but some of our neighbors have!)
Moles (plant killers!)
Field mice (much cuter than typical mice but still a rodent when they get in the house)
Salamanders (they feel like gummy worms, YUCK)
And a million, gazillion frogs (ribbit, ribbit).

Friday, October 3, 2008

Berry Pickin' Time!

It's one of my favorite times of year, and this year the berries are beautiful! How happy am I?

I just hope I can get them before the rain turns them mushy.

Ron also picked some inky cap mushrooms and what little we have from one of our plum trees in the orchard (it's been a bad year for fruit trees, I'm afraid). I'm feeling so homey.