Saturday, October 4, 2008

Into the Wild

Ron asked me to share some pics of the various animals you might see on our land

Such as the turtles (look on the log in the middle of the picture. Ron has many turtles. He loves his turtles. There are two in the upper pond, four in the middle pond (this one) and four in the lower pond. They like to sit on the logs in summer and stretchhhhhh their necks out to warm themselves.

We also have the bachelor herd of elk coming thru the property throughout the year. We call them 'da boys'. They're not the brightest bulbs in the package, let me tell you - but oh how we love them.

We also have "Bob", our resident bobcat. He has no real fear of us though he keeps a healthy distance (this picture was taken at a distance and obviously has been cropped). He thinks the road belongs to him, however. If he's walking up when when we're driving home, we have to wait until he's gotten to where he wanted to go because he will not get out of the way). This pic was published in the local paper. Proud day for me!

Other animals that surround us:

Deer (or as I fondly refer to them, big plant eating rats!(
Eagles (golden and bald)
Turkey vultures (truly one of the ugliest birds known to man)
Coyotes (the reason I never let my grandchildren run around the property alone)
Bears and cougars (haven't come across any myself, but some of our neighbors have!)
Moles (plant killers!)
Field mice (much cuter than typical mice but still a rodent when they get in the house)
Salamanders (they feel like gummy worms, YUCK)
And a million, gazillion frogs (ribbit, ribbit).


  1. Ruth saw "Bob" and said with excitement "It's a Bald Cat!"

    It must be fun to have all that wildlife around so close. The only animals that hang out around our house are red ants.

  2. "which way, which way? are we going this way? No! This way! Oh that way? Okay, we go this way!"