Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Seven - Pluses and Minuses

As instructed, I wrote two sheets of paper.  One listed all of the wonderful attributes Ron holds while the other listed those things that cause some distress.

My sister indicated that she had a hard time with the second sheet when she hit this task during her challenge.  Unfortunately, it was just the opposite with me.  I had lots and lots of things to put down - on both sides.  Luckily it told me to only participate in this activity for a few moments or I would be still going at it.  Then again, I'm a list maker, and I relish in it.  Still, it does appear that there is great truth in Ron's reflections yesterday that I am really particular.

According to today's Love Dare, I was to express gratitude to Ron for one of his attributes.  I was able to do that first thing in the morning.  I thanked him for his hard work, intelligence, and dedication to caring for his family.  I am truly grateful for these wonderful blessings in my life.  I really do hope that I've sufficiently honored and shown my gratitude for my amazing husband.

Tomorrow's challenge:

Determine to become your spouses biggest fan and to reject any thoughts of jealousy.  To help you set your heart on your spouse and focus on their achievements, take yesterday's list of negative attributes and discreetly burn it.  Then share with your spouse how glad you are about a success he recently enjoyed.

Romans 12:15:   Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

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