Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dare 39 - A Show of Commitment

"Sweetie, just wanted to thank you for being so supportive to my flying off into the wild blue yonder to be with our children.  They are, after all, the manifestation of who you and I are and have and will always be my life and purpose.  I know it must confuse you  at times, when you're working hard everyday and I'm off looking like I'm on long term vacation but you still know that I need to go where my heart is.  But honey – the most important thing is that you know is that my heart is with you 100% of the time.  You are a wonderful, intelligent and loving man and I am committed to you and will love you forever."

I am sharing my letter of commitment to Ron because it speaks of who we are to one another.   I've loved Ron for years, but as I've shared in earlier posts, life is not always a bed of roses.  Unfortunately there were times that I allowed my own pride and frustration flood away my unwavering commitment to us.  It's not that I stopped loving Ron.  That never happened.  But this month and a half has broken me loose from chains that held be back emotionally.   I have really grown during these 40 dares.

Tomorrow is my last challenge.  Yipee!!!

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