Monday, July 2, 2012


I recently posted on Facebook that my husband gave me the once in a lifetime gift of an evening with a fashion consultant, a Nordstrum dressing room full of beautiful clothes and a budget (an amazingly generous one.)

So, per the request of some family members, here are a few of the clothing combinations.

Me and my $100 jeans (oh my)
Blue floral top and some pull-on jeans
With the jacket and leggings
With the jeans jacket and leggings
Peasant blouse and pull on jeans
Battenburg skirt with the black jacket
Simple black skirt with the jeans jacket

purple cardigan with black jersey pencil skirt
Not as pink as it looks shirt

Lace overshirt
With black jacket and those crazy $100 pants

I also purchased three t-shirts, of all things.  Black, blue and white.

I've actually got one more shirt coming - an amazing orange pullover with beautiful chinese designs.  But basically, thats it....for now.

Oh, did I mention that I ordered a bathing suit, right?  Its a workout style...not posting pics of that.  You should be glad.


  1. You look totally awesome Nina! I love that white lace over shirt! I am attending a family reunion, my immediate family - me and my 4 kids and 6 grand kids Aug 15 -25! Hope to see you when I come to Sequim. I will be based in Port Orchard.☺♥☼

  2. Those are some awesome outfits! You look amazing. :)