Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still obsessing about the weight....but I'm getting there

I'm hoping this s my last posting about weight for a while, but no promises.  Sorry.

I have hit 142.  No, Veronica, I promise, its not too low.  I have studied it out and I'm pretty much there in the center of perfect.  If I hit 140, I will still be fine. After 139, I think it would be safe to say that I was going too far.  I'm giving those parameters because it is now time for me to move over to maintenance.  I can't do that all at once, I've tried and I just jump right into full blown panic.  Obviously I'm going to have to ease my way into it.  So, losing 3 pounds while I process and change will be acceptable (whereas gaining 3 won't kill me, it would just feel like it had. 

I am adding other foods back into my life right now.  Some dairy for my bones, and protein for energy.  I actually had a full dessert yesterday...a piece of apple pie.  I fused and had nightmares all night over it, and then, in the morning....I still weighed less than the day before.

Huh.  Imagine that.

Playing it a little safer today...but the big test comes in 10 days when I spend 5 days at Girls Camp.  I thought about it for a bit, and decided that my best bet was to figure out the calories beforehand (I have the complete menu) and to bring substitutions on the days that it just went beyond my comfort zone.  Surprisingly enough, there are a number of meals that I will be just fine for, and I have found some prepackaged meals for those times that aren't.  I also upped my calorie count to what I'm sure is a reasonable level for the week - just a smidge. 

As far as my attitude?  It's very much improving.  I'm still shocked and somewhat confused every time I look in a mirror or slide on a pair of size 6 pants....but I've really been enjoying the pretty wardrobe and am feeling more in control and organized than I have for quite a while.  My house is clean, my garden is producing beautiful and delicious food, I am getting prepared for camp (I'm in charge of organizing for 14 girls and 3 adults).  Ron and I are spending quality time together.  Yeah, I'd say its going good.  Still a bit emotional and cranky at times (ask the hubby), but not bad, considering.

And that, I guess we could say, is my report.

Next time I write, I think it will be about church adventures - or the camp adventure - or the gardening adventure, ANYTHING but the weight (mis)adventure, eh?

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