Saturday, February 6, 2010

The WOW Life: A Whole Lotta 'Listing' To do (Part 2 of 3)

In my previous blog, I listed the following four guidelines for healthy eating that I gleaned from the Word of Wisdom (Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants). Those rules are as follows:

Buy fresh food and put thought into what I am eating.

Herbs add healthy elements to our food.

Meat can be healthy if used sparingly, however grains are a better overall choice for protein. But even grains should be consumed thoughtfully.

Fresh fruits, veggies and grains are the main ingredients for a healthy diet

This is a principal with a promise! I've discovered that following these guidelines will provide health, endurance and enhances my ability to think (and trust me, I need all the help I can get!)

This is a great start, but I've worked in public health long enough to know that there is 'more to the story'. Other elements gleaned from these verses, along with a study of current scientific findings are:

Due to our commitment to abstain from the use of tobacco and alcohol, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are consistently identified as some of the healthiest people in the U.S. Members can enjoy great health, but that does not mean that we are above suffering weakness and temptation. Sadly, our ‘healthy lifestyle’ is slipping due to the same problem the rest of the nation faces….obesity. By reading Section 89 we can see that the “Supersize” mentality works in opposition to living a healthy lifestyle.

The diet industry tries to convince us that they hold all of the secrets to losing weight, when in fact, the best means towards good health is established by God.

The most successful tool to losing weight is simple, but absolute. Keep a daily journal of intake (and I suggest output – meaning exercise) Here is a link to a Good Housekeeping article that references the Kaiser Permanente study: Excellent ideas here!

Healthy dieting, to me meant establishing the following six rules:

Set a goal (both calories per day and amount of exercise per week).

Write it down – every bite

No diet food (i.e., sugar substitutes, packaged meals)

No more than 6 ounces of meat in a day and try to eat vegetarian as much as possible.

Fresh over frozen, frozen over canned.

Once you’ve hit your goal, work on lifestyle changes that can help you maintain your healthy new body. 80% of dieters gain back their weight and more because they just go back to the old way of eating. Now that you’ve written down your food intake for a while, you KNOW how much each bite costs you in calories. Take what you’ve learned and use it.

(End of Part 2)

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