Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Special Day during this Special Season

Merry Christmas - Joy to the World!

This year circumstances have conspired to put together a Christmas I've thought about for a long time......a (practically) giftless day. No, we're not hurting for money. We're fine - thanks for the concern.

What happened was that we've invited my brother (since I work for him now, I get to cal him my "bossy brother" - ha ha ha) and his wife Terri up for the week (don't get too's a work week). Terri suggested that we gift ourselves permission to relax and agree not to exchange gifts. Instead, she suggested we buy our own gift, wrap it, put it under the tree and unwrap it Christmas morn for all to see. Mom was thrilled! I was willing, Ron was noncommittal - which meant, of course, it was a go!

So, I got the grandbabies covered. I got the kids covered. Made the treats for all our friends and yesterday....I got MY present.....but I'm not telling you what. It's my only surprise of the day and I'm keeping it.

One other bit of big news.....under much pressure from the husband and daughter, I have tossed away the plastic Christmas tree and we got one off our land. Okay, I love it. LOVE IT!!!!

One other thing....we had the COLDEST week last week. We had a smattering of snow, barely anything - but the cold turned it into the 'kewl'est crystals. So pretty!

So, here's our opportunity to wish all a wonderful holiday. We're most grateful for our blessings -

Most of all......each other (33 years today!) I LOVE my husband. He is so amazing and still makes my heart flutter.

Yeah, the pics didn't scan too well, but their still fun!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I did find your blog afterall. Happy 33rd Anniversary! I love the idea of simplifying and fewer gifts. Wish we could all pull that off and just do things for others. This year I told the children to take names off the angel tree and tell me what they got for people. So grateful to know and love you!