Sunday, November 8, 2009


What can be better than visiting a beautiful grandchild?

Visiting 9 beautiful grandchildren!

Here is a shot with 7 of em' (from left to right):
James (Roni's), Mattie (Trina's), Samuel (Trina's), Amber (Roni's), Harley (Roni's), Katie (Trina's), Jade Tyler (Roni's)

And what, I ask you, can be finer than having your own personal dresser? This is Breanna with her very nice and artistic boyfriend.

And here is something that makes us feel EXTREMELY old - we have a grandchild that owns her own house now......

Yes, if you're counting.....there's one grandchild missing - the ever elusive Richie. Luckily Roni has some shots that include him, so....more pictures to follow.............

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