Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Holy smokers, Batman. It's been a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time since I've blogged.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to download and pictures so you're going to have to IMAGINE the pictures (trust me, it exercises the brain cells).

Okay - imagine the first image which is a bat!

Honest, I've been swamped!

I went to Dallas, where I found tornadoes

Really cool tornado picture here

Thunder and Lightning

Really cool lightning picture here!

Schools closed due to the flu formerly known as Swine

School with a closed sign on it

and crushed dreams at a football training camp (that was scary and sad)

Heck, let's put the whole video clip of the Dallas Cowboy's training building blowing down

Then I came home and did something I haven't done in decades! GARDEN!

Imagine the greatest vegetable garden here, then cut it down in size by at least half. That's my garden!

Last week I moonlighted over at Jefferson General Hospital on a planning team.

People sitting around a table talking and pointing

After a glorious weekend with friends, I was off to Lubbock, TX (Texas AGAIN???) for the birth of my 12th grandchild. I arrived an hour ago - Yippee!!!!!!

Pictures of the CUTEST, SMARTEST, MOST TALENTED g'babies in the world goes right here!

Except the kids are I have to wait until tomorrow morning until I get to start the kissin' and the huggin' and the spoilin'


Then to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in Austin, TX

Me vacationing

And I'm back home on June 16th where I get to....go ahead.....guess.



Think dandelion weeds and thistles, cause that's what's going to be there by the 16th!

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