Sunday, December 28, 2008

Out with the old....

I'm loosing an old friend but I've gained a new one! Ron bought me this piano in 1982. It's a 1913 Brewster made in New York State. He purchased it from a man that renovated it by hand. Probably not the best job ever done but pretty darn respectable and it was beautiful to me. I sat down immediately and began to play - or at least 'play at' playing the piano.

Ron stood there for a few minutes and then said "if I had known you couldn't PLAY the piano, I might not have gotten it" (smartypants)!

We've spent many fun times banging on this ol baby. I'd always hoped one of my children would gain the skills I didn't have - but sadly, it appears that the Dale family musical talent didn't carry through my line.

When the time came to move up to the Northwest, we worked on selling the piano. No one wanted it. No one. The sound quality is not concert level.....very tiney (it would work well in a ol New Orleans jazz joint). At last moment I gave the piano to my dear friend Janet Hancock as compensation for letting me stay with her a couple of months. She accepted it gracefully, but when I came back a year later to pick up a couple things still in town, it became clear that the last thing she needed was a piano - she was just too nice to tell me.

So we wheeled the ol' thing into a little trailer and Ron drove it home (I flew, thank you very much). It was a death defying drive, from what I gather. Poor Ron.

It took five members of the Sequim Football team to move it into the rental house and then, when it was time, into our home here on Burnt Hill. It's a funny thing. I didn't think about where the piano would go when we designed the house. We stuffed it into the living room for a time, then we pushed it into the dining room. Audra would play it here and there. Me even less. We had a piano tuner come out to put new coaster wheels on it (which makes it MUCH easier to move about), tune it up and to let us know what it was worth. Nothing Antiques Roadshow would clamor after. But it's well loved.

Still, when I spotted a black electronic piano at Costco a few months back that had some fun little buttons I fell in LOVE. It's nothing fancy, but I knew that it would fit right into a corner of the living room. I was so excited. I dropped every hint I could think of hoping Ron would buy it for me for Christmas.

Just this last Tuesday night
(Christmas Eve Eve) it became clear that Ron had completely forgotten about it. Oh, the pouting and consternation he got!

The next evening - early evening, Ron drove up with my piano. It was the last one - in fact it was the floor model. He had gotten off early to go get it.

When he got it inside, we discovered that it didn't have the power cord. It didn't matter to me. It wasn't the fact that I had an electric piano that did cool things and fit perfectly into my living room. What mattered to me was that my husband got it - reluctantly - late maybe even - but he wanted to make me happy (or maybe to make me "NOT" mad). I was perfectly prepared to pout my way through the first Christmas with no children at home. Ron gave me an easy target by not listening and preplanning - but when has Ron EVER listened or preplanned? It's just not his way. I, on the other hand, am a planning fiend! Of course I had my shopping done months ago. It just comes naturally. But for Ron to go against his grain makes me think that maybe I need to go against MY grain and be happy for all the gifts he gives me everyday, like hard work, talent and true love.

So now I have a new friend - a fun little toy that has already helped make some special memories between my beloved and me. I'm hoping to find a new home for the old piano. It's been a dear and deserves some lovin. It'll be a little sad to see it go, but I'm learning that change is a good thing.....most of the time.

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