Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Turning the Page

I promised our friends that I would try to keep our blog posts to once a month, but right now there is so much happening!  We have people asking us to keep them updated on our progress to paradise, so here is an overview:

First off, Ron wanted me to add in some of the things he's been up to:

Ron's crew and colleagues at Jefferson Healthcare sent him off with a fond and fine farewell that included a rootbeer float party, a luncheon at his favorite fish diner and breakfast at a great cafe (yes, food is the theme here).  He is completely thrilled to be retired (again, and finally).  He insisted on working up to the day before we moved out.  CRAZY MAN!!!  Well, I can't think of anyone who deserves retirement more...not that he will be able to rest anytime in the near future.

Ron sold his El Camino.  It was a bit of a hairy deal, but it all worked out in the end and that's what counts.. He also sold lots and lots of guy stuff thru E-Bay.  Those who follow us via Facebook knows how much we've both grown to hate it.  Not that it's not a great service, but the negative sides were sometimes hard to stay positive thru.  For instance, we had a 'well-wrapped' shipment that went terribly wrong when the box opened in route and they tried to stuff the items back - all broken up - and hide it.  THAT was disappointing. This is no problem now, however, because one of our great joys has been to shut that membership down and skip merrily into the retired people's land of tech-less-ness.  HA!

The new owners came Tuesday evening, which led to an abbreviated walk thru with Ron madly trying to tell this poor road-weary guy how all of the equipment worked.  We've encouraged them to call us anytime they have questions.  We've already had a couple of calls, which is no problem, because they are just delightful. Sequimite friends should go introduce yourselves.

So, speaking of Sequim, we left this morning at 7:00 am.  I didn't cry at all ( rrrrriiiiiiiiggggggtttttt).  We spent the morning in the temple, dropped Marvin (our beautiful green Kia) off at the loading gate in Seattle for his fabulous car cruise to Hawaii (he is scheduled to arrive one day before us, isn't that convenient?) and now we are sitting in a hotel room for the night, car-less, homeless but certainly not suitcase-less.  We have NO idea how we are actually going to get all of these things to the airport tomorrow.  This may turn into a series of 'Keystone Cop' adventures with the different places we're going.

Ron asked me what I was feeling as we were leaving (because I was kinda sobbing).  I'm not sad - though I will miss our friends terribly - but the experience of opening the door to this lovely couple and saying "come on in to your new home" FINALLY brought me to the reality that this was all really happening...and then, we were the ones being led out the door (in the nicest of way).  That 1 minute trip down the driveway was just a flood of so many memories.  Ron, on the other hand, didn't choke up until the ferry ride.  GEESH, what a mechanic geek!  Maybe he'll miss the Ivars Clam chowder the most of all.

We figured out today that we moved to Sequim exactly 11 years ago next Friday.  It's been the most wonderful years.  But we're excited to see what the next decade holds.  We certainly know that it's starting off pretty spectacularly.  Yes, because we're going to Hawaii....but also because we are going to be able to live a life we've dreamed of, because we're going to serve the God we love and because we're going to do it together!  We're going to work hard, but that's part of the beauty of it, because hard work is one of the most satisfying parts of living.  How can it get any better?

So, no more tears for me!  Tomorrow, it's on the plane to Texas, then North Carolina, then Utah - all in one week.  PHEW!

Just a few of many, many wonderful people in our lives.  How we love them all!


  1. Sooooo excited, so happy to be on your visit list, see you tomorrow!

  2. You are really on your way to life's next great adventure and surprising experiences you never could have anticipated! We are so excited for you! Thank you for all your many kindnesses, especially when we were new & trying to figure things out. Thank you for your generosity in helping out the missionary program here in the Port Angeles Zone/Stake. The PA Sisters were thrilled to receive your folding chairs before their dining chairs completely fell apart. We love you and will be praying for you. Gales

  3. If you get this twice it is because I am never sure what I am doing on Blogspot
    Have wonderful experiences on you mission, would love to do something like that myself. Not sure where the Lord will have me in this next chapter of my life!
    Lisa and Brandt appreciated the food storage and food stuffs that they were able to use.She promised to send you a thank you.
    Brandt also has a Blog at : Brandts Rants
    Check it out when you have time and meet my delightful family.. He is big into genealogy and has done amazing work finding ancestors for our families!

    1. Thanks Sally - it was our pleasure. I did check out Brandt's blog. Very nice. I enjoyed it very much.