Saturday, July 5, 2014

Soon to be Elder Jones and His Sidekick Nina

Only 30 days until we report to the MTC in Provo.  Time is FLYING!

I've noted before that we have had a lot of fun sharing the fact that we are heading out on a mission. Everyone has been so supportive and it's already such a positive experience.  This is new stuff for me, but for Ron, it's just everyday life.

I have to think and pray and plan what I'm going to say just to feel comfortable saying "I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints".  This is not to be confused with any waffling of feelings.  I simply get tongue-tied easily.

Ron, on the other-hand is a 24/7, dipped in the spirit, doesn't know any other way Christian.  He doesn't have to think or prepare.  This was proven to me (AGAIN) when I saw his letter of resignation...a cheery little thing thanking Jefferson General for the wonderful years of employment, and letting them know that a better offer has come along - an offer by Heavenly Father himself!  He didn't even think about whether he was being 'PC' any more than he was thinking about making 'a statement'.  He sure is something, and I'm awfully proud and pleased to be married to such a darling man.  I was thinking just the other day about how I prayed for such a man 38 some odd years ago and there he was, literally plopped into my office.

There are so many prayers that have been heard and answered throughout the years.  For me, it's never some voice saying "Go Here" or "Do That", as much as I wish there was.  Imagine all of the angst I could have avoided.  But then, like any errant child, I probably would just have stomped my foot and said "I want to decide for myself"!

There's a reason it's set up this way.  I learn so much more by exercising strength and faith.  There are people everyday who whine "I CAAANNN'T, It's too HAAARRRDDDD!"  I find that excuse lacking in reality.  I may have had difficult times, but none were more difficult than (say), the Apostles of Old, or the prophets, or our Savior.  I've never been asked to sacrifice to that level.  Hard?  Phsaw!  My life is a cake walk!  And still, the Lord has blessed me and walked by my side and answered my prayers over and over again.  He's given me a righteous man to walk this path with me and the best family a woman could ever hope for.

And now he's leading us to a great adventure.  I LOVE great adventures!  I LOVE Ron!  and I LOVE the Lord.  Looks like I'm batting 1,000!

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