Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Fantastic Vacation to the South 5/12 in mostly pics

Ron, unfortunately just before he
whacks Gareth with his foot
Our Ruth Ellen gets baptized, we're so proud

The Jones Clan - Ruth, Gareth and Ronan
A special day at the Temple

Ron sailing into Jamestown
Visiting my ancestral home - the Pohowtan village in Jamestown, VA

Seeing our darling Maiju - who was our exchanged student from Finland back in 1982-3 in Colonial Williamsburg

We met Patrick Henry
and Thomas Jefferson,
Benedict Arnold!

The colonies rebelled against England

We attended a Crystal Concert - this is a beautiful crystal violin

I had a fantastic venison, rabbit and quail pie
Scenes from Willliamsburg

Then we were off to Edenton, NC where Ron found....turtles.  How that man LOVES turtles!

And we stayed at the gorgeous Pack House Bed and Breakfast
We made some delightful friends, President and Ruth Hansen
And saw some gorgeous homes
How I love yellow houses!

Pretty sure this was Ron's favorite day!

Can you see why?

We then visited with Veronica and our beautiful grandchildren. Here is Amber and I

Ethan and his Mommy
James and Grandpa playing ball

We fell in love with the Hickory/Morganton area of North Carolina
All this water really helped
As did the great people we met

Then we spent a few days touring the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.  This was an amazing blacksmith who made beautiful music with his anvil
Then is was time for the rehearsal dinner of our oldest grandchild, Breanna and her fiance' Austin

Which turned into a great game of Ultimate Frisbee

On Saturday morning, 5/19 our grandson Ritchie graduated from High School

We then attended a most beautiful, fantastic wedding
Bride and her father
Our beautiful Katie and Mattie are the girls in the middle of the pic

Amber with Baby Ethan
Pixie Amber

James Ronald
Veronica and Trina

Trina with her parents, Ron and Jane

Huntington Bed & Breakfast, Murphy, NC  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Me and my portable sunshade in beautiful downtown Greenville SC -
last stop before heading home

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