Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I HATE the stock market

Whats the difference between the stock market and Las Vegas Casinos?

Don't ask me!  Feels like gambling my life away with both options.  Don't appreciate this system where we are left to the mercy of "financial experts" telling us what we need to do when, why and how while my money keeps disappearing.  I've even worked for a really nice adviser - REALLY nice .... but I never could figure out how this all works.  I'm actually suspicious that the truth is that it doesn't work, and we poor shmucks are getting victimized through our willingness to ride a sinking ship to the bitter end.  I wonder if they keep it confusing on purpose.  I don't like investing in things I can't understand.  I would go with the money under the mattress if I could convince Ron.

And I'd run away to Uraguay.  I really would.

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