Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Re: Old adage about whether the operator is smarter than the equipment....

So I dropped my laptop in California.

Yeah, I know.  Don't even say it.

So Tech Support over at the office said, hmmmmmmmmmm, you might want to get this looked at while it's still under warranty.  The problem was, I was out of state.  I decided, since it seemed to be functioning (most of the time), that I would need to wait until I got home.

Problem is, once I got home, I got busy (alright....lazy).

Yesterday morning, in the middle of sending out some e-mails, the darned thing just stopped finding the Internet.  Dang it!

So, after a few attempts by my son to see if he could figure it out (which obviously won't work if he's long distance which requires some Internet connection - duh) I got Technical Service on-line.

Two hours later, the computer checks out as working great.  I'm exasperated (mingled with relieved), so I decide to take a break and feed the fishies.

Funny, the pump is not running and the lights are not on the fish tank.

Oh, wait......

That's when I figure it out.  The power's off.

No Internet.

Conclusion:  I am NOT smarter than a computer.

Or probably a pineapple for that matter.



  1. Oh thank you! I am so grateful that you would share a story like this with us! It gives me hope that I am not the loser I sometimes estimate myself to be if someone I esteem as much as I do you does the same kinds of things I am known for doing!

    You are awesome, Nina! I hope some day to become even half as accomplished and wise (this situation being easily dismissed as a fluke) as I consider you to be.

    Love, Trina

  2. Lucky me. I have Trina in my life. You are the best and brightest. Dainty people are soooooooo boring! You are NOT boring.