Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back on the subject of journals

I just finished a one year journal.  I wrote in it almost every Sunday.  What a year to pick!  so much has happened.  It's been a long, lovely, hard, frustrating, emotional, grief stricken and joyous year.

But I suppose every year has its moments!

I had to decide whether I was going to go for Year Two!  I decided that I would spare my lil' family from a mushy mommy overload.

Still, there's some really important things coming up...a wedding, two receptions, a family reunion, a dream vacation and a new beautiful grandbaby.  So...what to do, what to do?

I KNOW!  I'll blog about it.  More fun anyway - because then I can show pictures.

So, here's my first pic

This is my craft room.  I've been trying to get it in order in preparation for the g'babie's visit.  Hoping to be using it to work on crafts and fun stuff while they're here.

I'm having a hard time relaxing lately, because I'm sooooooo excited about having my family together.  I want to hug everyone twenty times over.  I want to make sure that they all get so much love that they can carry it back home with them and that it will lasts for a long, longggggggg time.  I want to bask in the warmth of it all.

Probably there will be a mix of all that with a few lil' quarrels and stuff - because we ARE, after all, family.  But I am looking forward to a most beautious time!

GRAND BABIES ARE THE BEST (2004 edition - lol)

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