Sunday, May 8, 2011

What IS lovely and virtuous? Apparently, not me!

I know that there are times that I swirl around in self doubt and that is not a positive way of thinking, but I've noticed lately that I am simply a pain in the patooty.  I'm picky, I'm driven and I'm pushy.  There it is.  I can not deny it.

I don't like those attributes. 

What do the scriptures say about such behavior?  My husband and my youngest daughter LOVE to quote me Proverbs 21:19:  [It is] better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.


I like soft.  I like dignified.  I like quiet faith and fortitude.

When I look through the Scriptures, the women seem sweet, reverent and demure.  The world may think that isn't an ideal woman, but....well, I do!  My mother was that way, well, unless you REALLY ticked her off, and then only for a moment. 

The scriptures provide the basis for the following list:

Attributes of a Godly Woman

She is at peace with God & herself.
She is submissive.
She has a meek & quiet spirit.
She has a servant's heart.
She does not call attention to her physical beauty.
She considers homemaking a high & noble call.
She is a joyful person.
She is a woman of prayer & devotion to God.
She is a loving person.

Sooooooo much work to do!

So, for those who I push, prod and pull.  I really am sorry.  I am trying.  And for those who want to defend me, DON'T.  I'm ready to admit my mistakes and try my hardest to progress out of it all.  I think EVERYONE will be able to relax and enjoy life more, including me.

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