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We had a Relief Society Activity last Tuesday about journaling.  Mormons journal.  They just do.  For some reason we're just sure that there are people out there who actually want to hear us drone on and on about our exciting life.

I've always thought I haven't been that good at keeping journals, but I took stock of what I have and am a little shocked to see that I actually have 3 full journals, a number of trip diaries - with pictures, a letter binder (with letters from and to many different people), a number of scrapbooks and - of course - this and 2 other blogs.

So, here are a few entries:

October 30, 1983

It has been a good weekend.  Yesterday we worked and played hard.  After a morning of stacking wood for the winter, we took the ATC's out to the cinder pits east of town and had such good fun.  Michael and Kyle (my nephew) were learning how to drive the 90cc all by themselves.  They both did very well.  Roni tried hard, but had a tough time sterring.  After we came home, I stayed up til midnight cooking and cleaning.  Today we had the DeWitts over for corned beef and cabbage.  They are two very nice people.  

At church, after Relief Society one of the sisters came up to me and said "I feel I know your husband so well just from the things you say in Relief Society.  He must be a very special man."  I hadn't realized I talked about him so, but he really is pretty terrific - and as I said to her, he's the finest person I know.  

August 1989
Dearest Audra
   It has always been my habit to write a letter to my newborn baby.  Mike and Roni have theirs in their baby book and I chronicalized the events of their birth, but I have my diary for you, so that's covered.
   Therefore I wanted to take this opportunity to bear you my testimony.  You see, my sweetheart, I know that you were given to us through great faith and many prayers to our Father-in-Heaven.  You sure were worth the wait.
   You are such a great blessing to our family and your sweet spirit is a constant joy.  Know that you are loved dearly and completely by your family and by your Lord.  My prayers will always be with you.      Mom

Jones Journal - A newsletter that I wrote when I was babysitting in 1992 or 1993 (I should have noted a date!)


Alex - is very imaginative.  Whenever we color, he tells everyone what they drew.  He puts his own words to storybooks.  He sings great songs.
Ashely - is an expert at relacing shoes (hers and everyone elses.
Audra - is putting full sentences together.  All of a sudden, she's talkative.
Josie - is talking up a storm.  Her vocabulary is expanding at a fantastic rate.
Sean - crawls, climbs, and pulls himself up to a standing position.
Stephanie - is our little helper.  She is very willing to find, retrieve, put away...she is wonderful to have around.
Thad - knows how to clean up to get ready for lunch and then - of course - he's always the first one there.

E-mail from my trip to India
Nov 1999
   Today I witnessed something very special.  Dr. Mrs. Ramakant (isn't that a fun way to say a name) was negotiating a marriage for a woman's daughter.  Marriages are arranged here through the daughter's family.  The parents make a formal proposal.  This family making the proposal lives in Agra which is two hours away, so a written letter was presented by Dr. Mrs. Ramakant to the son's mother asking for her permission for their daughter to marry their son.  The mother was nervous about the proposal.  She wanted her son to marry in the same caste.  India is on a caste system.  I cannot explain this system well, except to say that there are several levels of society and this mother wanted her son to keep in the same level.  However, the son and the other family's daughter have fallen in love and are hoping that this mother will relent.  Dr. Mrs. Ramakant believes that she will allow the marriage, so this has been a special day.
   ...The problem with being in a completely foreign land is that you end up being almost at the level of a small child.  I eat, sleep, even use the restroom facilities at the whim or will of others.  I can never just wander off - which is truly a bad idea here, not just for safety, but there is also no doubt that I would become immediately lost.  IMMEDIATELY....and that is a scary proposition.  I am enjoying myself, and have been treated so very kindly - but the speech that Dorothy makes after returning home keeps running through my mind..."well I've learned that if you are searching for your hearts desire it is no farther than you're own backyard.  and oh, Toto, there's no place like home." (or something like that).  I will NEVER watch that movie without bursting into tears again because I really know what its saying now.

E-mail from me to Ron saved in his travel journal while in Jerusalem, April 11, 2001
Are you warm or cold?  Are you eating well?  are you taking pictures?  Did you bring enough clothing and incidentals?
I found a live cam for the Wailing Wall.  Wouldn't it be fun to see you there?  I read up on the tour through the temple wall.  It sounds very interesting.  I hope you get to go.
I looked it up and will remind you that church is held on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 pm.  Remember, it is up Mt. Scopus.
I am happy to hear about all of the armed guards, I think.  Does it help everyone to be calm, or does it rile things up at times?  At night, I dream about you A LOT.  So far you seem to be safe and happy in my dreams.  I hope that you keep that way - both in my dreams and in reality.

Well, that's basically a snapshot of about 30 years.  I think my family is going to be grateful that I don't have a journal for every year!  All in all, I do have a lot of memories to look back on.  I'm grateful for what I've written down, there is so much I've forgotten.  I've also found things written by my family and friends that I've kept along the way.

After all is said and done - and having gone through this experience recently, I want to tell my darling family that they don't have to hold on to these journals forever....nothing is going to happen if you throw them away.  RELAXXXXXX!

Just make sure and build your own memories and leave some glimpses for your loved ones.  It will mean the world to them, honest.

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  1. Wow! That post got me all choked up! You are really a bright star in my life. Wish I had a talk about journaling with you 20 years ago. Love you lots, Nina.