Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Shots of Our Life

This is just a typical day here.  Yes, it's paradise. 
                 Go ahead, be jealous.

This is my brother Steve.  He's also my boss.  Funny, he's actually a really nice guy.  Who knew?  Should have paid more attention when I was younger.  You can see what he and I do by going to

My husband on a bus with a bunch of crazy people
He says that's life now.....buses and crazy people 
Isn't he handsome?  He's the coolest thing since...well...EVER!

      Me and my computer.  It's my life.  I need
to go to a recovery program for computers additction.
        I think my hand is propped under my
    chin in hopes that it makes me look thinner!!!
                 LOL - true confessions!

And we end where we started.  This is a video off the back porch of our house.
Again - jealousy has it's place!


  1. you should do a video or picture off the porch at sunset! so ppl can see the water!

  2. I will try to remember to do that - usually I'm so enthralled that I don't think of anything else.