Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aloha Oye Vey!

Well, we're back and we had a marvelous time. Kauai is an incredible place just in case you didn't know.

We stayed with some lovely and dear and crazy friends - all in one bundle. Lucky, lucky us. These are the Allens (this picture is a little old, but its a good group shot of Greg, Joanne, Griffin, Morgan, Drake, and Conner). You'll see shots and videos throughout this blog with various members of the family, including Greg's parents, Greg Sr. and Debbie.

Here's the view from their home across the Wailea River (two times of day):

And of view OF their house:

Yeah, I know. Amazing. Sorry the pic is so dark.
This amazing piece of property is for sale, by the way, as is a mall near the shore, and land for a multi housing development. If you know of anyone interested in investing in the Garden Island, I've got some numbers for you to call!

I made a New Years resolution to do scary things, and boy have I been getting lots of opportunity to do so. Some of the things I did were - climb up to the top of Sleeping Giant...

This is Ron on the highest part of it (obviously he doesn't have to challenge himself to do scary things, they just come naturally to him).

Here's the view from up there......pretty spetacular!

We also kayaked (no shots - didn't want to take the camera out on the water.) It was a gorgeous day!

Then we shopped (probably the scariest of all for Ron (lol).

The first picture is Ron and I at Bubba Burgers. The second picture is Ron at the Lihue Farmers Market. We bought fruit we had never seen before. It was so good! Ron is holding an ice cold coconut.

Meanwhile I did one of MY favorite activies - a pedicure.

Note the cute flower. Some fun!

We DIDN'T go on this road, but we did go 4 wheeling at this beach

These guys, by the way, are kite sailing. We didn't do that, but we enjoyed watching it!

(You'll have to watch this video sideway - can't seem to find a way to turn it, I'm afraid)

We saw some other interesting activities - a new style of transportation (paddling on a surfboard standing up)

We went on a train ride around a sugar plantation.

The most amazing adventure, because my kids were sure I wouldn't do it starts with a few videos:

(Another sideways video, I'm afraid)

This next video is strictly proof for my kids....

That right - we went Zip lining!!!! And it was so much fun (after about the second line). There were 7 lines in all.

Another great adventure was to take these surfboards and go fluming the ditch. There are irrigation ditches throughout the island. They were built in the early 1900s by the Asian immigrants. The ditches are no wider than from your finger tip to finger tip. You not only ride through ditches, but you go through culverts (tunnels). Very scary. Very fun.

Here was a lovely evening taking the Allen's motorized 'dock' up to Fern Grotto:

Here are some fun sites....

A tree tunnel on the way to Poipu

A pencil urchin...

A gecko....

A group stretching session

An onion volcano......

...and of course, the wild Kauai chickens (they really are everywhere)...

On our final day in Kauai, we went snorkeling. There were some beautiful fish. I, sadly, got seasick. Ron went out a few times. I think he had lots of fun. Here he is going from one site to another.

And our final video....


  1. Yeah, I am incredibly jealous... but i gotta be proud of your resolution mom... even if that zip line was amazingly slow...

  2. It only LOOKED slow on the film. Honest, it was definitely fast enough, I PROMISE. And the shorter ones were even faster.