Saturday, November 15, 2008

A poem by my dear friend, Theodocia Atkin best reflects where I'm at today:


I'd like to take a little break
and put myself at ease,
to reminisce, and rest awhile
and regroup, if you please.

I'd like to hear celestial music
and feast my eyes upon the view,
and then, dear Lord, I hope you'll find
some work for me to do.


  1. Beautiful. Is that a real picture? I guess it could be. Is it lavendar? We have a lavendar farm down in Nephi. I never drive by it though when it is in bloom. This year I must make a point to do that.

  2. I THINK it is, but I don't know where. It comes from Microsoft Word's picture gallery.

    I will mention here, however my friend, that we do have some spectacular lavender gardens here as you may well know. You should come see them! How I would love to have you as a guest.