Monday, July 3, 2017

Changes ahead - but probably not what you think!

Everyday we hear the question "when will you be leaving Hawaii? What next?"

Our answer is always the same. We shrug our shoulders and say "Lord knows". And we mean that literally, because every time we even start making plans, the Lord steps in and reminds us who is in charge.

Is that changing soon? Nope. 

Ron is back among the employed. After building the work tracking and energy management systems here at the PCC, Ron has accepted a job offer which actually puts the tools back into his hands and perform the preventative maintenance in one of the most beautiful, magical places on earth. Happy day for Ron!

This is the second time my retired hubby 'un-retired'. I think I'm beginning to see a trend.

What this means:

  • We are staying at the Hukilau House and performing as Caretakers on the side - which means still living on the beach, still living in beautiful La'ie. Still enjoying the blessings of the amazing Polynesian Cultural Center.

  • We still get to travel - so expect to see more posts from exotic (and not so exotic) lands.

  • I am NOT employed, and will be remaining a Service Missionary, which allows me lots of I will be visiting the states (specifically this December I will be at Audras helping her and her family welcome baby #3!) Ron will be here, holding down the fort. Anyone looking for a great Christmas vacation spot? We have an extra bedroom. Rent will be spending 24 hours helping Ron clean a great big house......

What this does NOT mean:

  • That we have any plans - nay - even any clue whats next.

Ron loves it this way. 

I am learning not to hyperventilate. 


  1. I would love to vacation in Hawaii in December, what are the dates? Terms sound great to me, maybe you could recommend where to check for flights! Once I know that info I can make a decision ������

    1. Honestly, the week between Christmas and New Years are the most expensive of the year. I am leaving on Dec. 14 and returning Jan. 3 just to avoid those prices. I will let you know when Hopper tells me the prices are as low as they can go - also, remember I posted a Facebook article last week that claims that the prices are going WAY down because United and Southwest are adding flights from the west coast......hope springs eternal!

    2. I would want to be there before you go so that I do the housework as you'd like, whatever you think. I don't have to arrange around anyone so I can be flexible.

      Maybe I could drive to Gary's and back?

      I don't need to be entertained, just being there would make me happy.