Saturday, February 6, 2016

Don't Be Jealous...

I am really trying to be low key about the fact that this June, Beloved and I are heading out on the vacation of our lives. I honestly don't know that we will ever be able to achieve this again - and I worry .... and I mean WORRY .... that we're being greedy here, but we've scrimped and saved and come June 15th, we are flying to Europe. From there, we will jump on trains and go to exotic lands, and meet amazing people, and see things I've up to now, only dreamed of.

Since this IS our blog, it seems like the right place to talk about this journey. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.....jealous curves ahead (blush)

There is other excitement that I want to mention first. We will fly to Sequim, WA to report back and be officially released from our mission (sniff, sniff) the first weekend in June. Friends of Sequim, please mark your calendar for June 5th (Sunday evening) when we will present a Fireside detailing our amazing 2 year adventure (and counting....) More details later.

After that we will fly to North Carolina to see our two girls and their family, Veronica and Trina. One week of heaven there!

Then, onto Europe (I still can't believe it)

So, here's our route (Yes, it does look like a big question mark - CRAZY!)

And here is what we will see along the way:

Rome, Italy:

Our apartment in Rome, Italy

Down to Sorrento, Italy

The famous Blue Grotto of Capri

Plus a scuba dive along the Amalfi Coast...

And our B&B (which is a converted barn - AND it's over 200 years old) 

Back thru Rome and up to Florence, Italy

Pisa, Italy

Cinque Terra, Italy

A fishing trip for Beloved on a real fishing boat - and then some kayaking and snorkeling

Milan, Italy

Grimmelwald, Switzerland

Beloved is doing the next part. I'm taking the tram.....

Bern, Switzerland

Colmar, France

The yellow building is actually our B&B..... (squeal!)

Bacharach, Germany

Heading up the Rhine to Koblenz, Germany

Versailles, France

Paris, France

So, that's it. In a nutshell. A big, gorgeous nutshell.

Three times we will actually be staying with LDS families - saving $, of course - but more so, meeting people from other lands and making friends. That is really exciting to me too!

We then fly back to Salt Lake City, and then it's time to see the Western kiddos, Mike and Clan and Audra and Clan. We've rented a house in a tiny little town in Idaho - of all places!) 

Then - back to Laie, where we will be converting to volunteers and otherwise letting life go on as usual.... for the next year, at least.

Then - who knows? Life sure is an adventure!

Thanks for joining us on the journey!


  1. Sounds wonderful Nina! I am so happy for you both! What part of ID are you renting a house? We moved to Idaho Falls in Nov! We are really liking it there despite the cold and snow. Karl is from ID and we have many instant relatives and friends :)

    1. We will be in Malad City. Not THAT far away from you.....

  2. I'm so very excited for you both, it does look like you will be having a wonderful adventure. I'm very glad you are the type to take awesome pictures, that way I get to see your adventure also. You should never worry about the fun you will be having, you both give so much, the people you meet will be all the better in getting to know you.

    Have a wonderful time, DO NOT WORRY "what will be will be," and you will only have good memories and funny stories to fill your memory banks. You've already done the planing, let go and enjoy the ride that life has given you.

    All my love to you both.

  3. Your plans Nina sound wonderful! The Kings moved to Spokane as well as me and my daughter. We are not that far from Malad. My Grandfather lived in Malad as well as being born there. I lived in Rexburg for a bit. Very nice vacation plans and you both deserve a wonderful vacation. Hugs, Sherry Smith

    1. Thank you. Malad sounds like just the right place for us! I didn't know you moved to Spokane. Hope you are very happy there.