Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We promised big news - and here it is!

An opportunity has come our way that proves that the hand of the Lord is in control. We stumbled across a house, on the beach here in Laie that was in need of a new caretaker. After much prayer and soul searching, we have decided to take on the care of the house - in addition to our missionary duties, of course.

This 7 bedroom, 5 bath house, is co-owned by 28 families.  It includes a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment. We will live in that apartment. It's not new, and rust is an ever present problem that will make life interesting, attacking anything metal, including cars, (oh NO, MARVIN! Will he survive???), machinery, computers, tvs, appliances, faucets, doorknobs and hinges. Yep - EVERYTHING. Also, there is a very well used famous beach right next to the house. Earplugs may become a part of the nightly routine. But hey, it's workable.

The caretaker duties are pretty straight forward. Every two weeks a different family comes to stay in the house. They stay for 13 days.  During their stay, the only caretaker requirement is to maintain the landscaping. We have 6 – 7 hours to clean the house top to bottom in between when people go and when the next ones come.  General maintenance of the house is needed on Saturdays, which includes yard work.

The other part of the chores is the occasional need to come pick up or drop off a family at the airport. There is a 14 passenger van provided for that.

The greatest advantage for us is a living rent free in exchange for our services. The apartment comes fully furnished and we are even allowed to use the staples provided, such as detergent, cleaners, tools and equipment.

This is a great, great blessing to Elder Jones and I. Of course, it does not come without sacrifice. We will be working even harder as we are determined not to let any of our missionary duties lag. 

Another blessing, as if all of this wasn't enough. We have one more year for our mission. After that year is over, we can choose to convert to volunteer status at the Polynesian Cultural Center and continue serving here for the time period we choose.  The departments that we work for want us to stay and are very supportive of this opportunity. They are thrilled that we want to stay longer.

It gets better! The current caretakers have family here and have actually asked if they could come take over for a month or so every few months, allowing us to travel. It's like a dream come true for us. A means and a way for us to live on our limited savings, go hiking about in other lands AND live in paradise. 

How long will we stay? Only time will tell, though it appears that two years seem to be the norm.

The hardest part for me is leaving the family we have grown to love like our own. I don't think I could do it if it wasn't for the fact that we're only going to be about 3 blocks away (well, and because it was clear that we were suppose to do this). The apartment is going to be held by the mission and they have full intentions of placing new missionaries here soon - we have a number of new couples coming in during the next couple of months. They had BETTER be super good ones! The Kalamas deserve no less.

It wasn't our plan, but it appears that it was the Lord's plan. So here we are - for a bit more. We greatly appreciate your prayers and support. We start this Wednesday and oh how I want it to work out beautifully. Like I said, it won't be easy, but it sure will be an experience! Ron has dreamt of living on the beach his whole life. I felt bad trying to keep his expectations for such a thing low. How wonderful that Heavenly Father felt that those dreams had merit.


In other news, as if this wasn't enough, I just finished getting my diving certification. What an adventure!

But, as much as my beloved would hope otherwise, all I can say is "I'm glad I did it, but I don't think its for me". Mainly because I got so seasick each time I went out. It's not the underwater part. It's bobbing around on the surface strapped to crazy, heavy equipment and a blow up vest that did me in....lol.
A little visit from a local before we jump in the water

Ron - in underwater heaven

Our instructor -with a crabby little friend
Nina trying to decide what she really thinks about all this


  1. So grateful to hear of continued miracles. Thanks for your blog and posts!

  2. Wow! Sister Jones is a certified diver! How many other missions offer that? I would guess not many. I'm sure you can find some missionary work to do at the bottom of the ocean, too, because that is how you roll!
    Your adventures and duties are ever-changing, Elder and Sister Jones. We are so proud of you and miss you terribly. Thanks for sharing your news and events and friends and life-changing experiences with us. What a pleasure it is for us to read about you! Thanks for practically putting us right there with you!
    Love you.

  3. Those Kalamas are so adorable. I trust that you'll continue to see them often, and make sure their new tenants are good to them. <3

  4. So happy to hear about your newest opportunity, sounds perfect for Ron. Living in the sun is hard for you but, hopefully the breaks will renew you. Bless you for allowing my little brother to realize his dream. I'm trying very hard to keep my envy at bay 😉 Don't get me wrong, I love my home but, being around a body of water always calms me. When I think of a dream vacation, it always includes a beach. I love and miss you guys so much, I'd visit in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Didn't plan my retirement years well at all!

    1. Oh my, how wonderful it would be if you could come see us....we would all have so much fun! Maybe something will open up for you.