Monday, January 19, 2015

A New Year - 2015

Have you noticed a dark, cavernous void in Internet land?  We haven't posted for a while, but there is a reason! My computer died.  It was sudden.  I just came home from church and POOF, nuthin.  So I ordered a new computer.  The new computer goes to Ron. I'm taking the Mac (yeah, baby!)

So here we are - 2014 is past and gone, but for us, not much has changed except the weather has warmed back up again.  Elder Jones is ecstatic.  I'm wondering what happened to my nice, cool winter.

Oh, and the exciting news that I am going to Twin Falls for the birth of our 15th grandchild!  (Sound the horns, break open the Martenelli's!!)  Special permission was sought and given - and as much as I love it here - a huge weight has been lifted because I can not imagine missing this - my grandchildren mean everything to me.  I will add that I told my last remaining childbearing offspring that THERE WAS TO BE NO BABIES UNTIL I GOT BACK.  Yeah, she made it exactly one month.  Heathen!

Oh, did I mention, it's a BOY!  That will make 7 boys and 8 girls. . . and I love them all more than words could say.  They are all top notch in my mind and heart!!!!

I will be Twin Falls bound from 4/15 - 4/24.  If you're passing thru - give me a holler!  I will also be in SLC on the 25th - but that is strictly reserved for my Jones son and family!  Oh - what about Elder Jones, you ask?  Yeah, he isn't really good about watching a percolating belly.  He's staying here on the island - finding his own adventure for 11 days.

New Years Eve was FUN - I attended a neighborhood Fire Knife Dance Competition.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again..... Laie' ROCK's.  It a rowdy, international stew of awesomeness, served with roving chickens.  I never have to worry about the language from the kids.  The families here will rally for the schools, for the neighbors and definitely for church.  It's loud, it's even crowded - but it's definitely paradise!
Unfortunately, I have no pictures.  But this is basically what you
see at a fireknife competition  (ha ha)  It is very exciting - and this one was completely
local, so it was just down home fun!
Elder Jones takes his one week of scuba diving lessons next week.  He's studying his manual now.  Nobody studies like Ron.  He'll be able to quote all the stats and requirements before class even starts.  He's excited - well, as excited as Ron gets that is.

Saturday was the 15th Annual Moanike'ala Hula Hoike, a very large hula festival at the Cultural Center.  It was so very lovely.  I drank in every minute of it (that I was there - as it ended up I also had to work - but hey!  My work consisted of going from village to village in the Cultural Center gathering information so I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!!!)

Here are pictures from Saturday - I have some awesome video also, but it won't load here because it is too large.  I will try to post on Facebook - so if you are my Facebook friend, keep an eye out:

Wish I had been filming during this part.  Dancing while in full
squat position - whoa!

This group was actually from Japan.  They were so beautiful
and their dancing was top notch

This little girl was a HOOT!  There was no way she was going
to dance.  She stood in that dejected statue position the entire
song - and the crowd just loved it.  A lesson in tenacity - lol.

Towards the end of each production, some of the locals
always join in.  It's a tribute and honor for the group when they do.

These gorgeous girls were from a local hula
dance troupe.  The instructor explained
that they are judged as much on their
ability to smile and share the aloha spirit
as their dance moves

Don't you just want to run up and hug em?

These are the senior members of the local dance group.
Everyone of them radiated such love for their dance.

MISSIONARY REFLECTIONS:  Resolutions Bring About Changes

I have always believed in resolutions.  I love to make goals because it keeps me focused.  Every year I make a list and I challenge myself in various areas to improve.  Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes I'm not.  Sometimes my list is very long, sometimes it is short.  But one thing I know for sure, most of my major life changes have come from resolutions.  Losing weight (one I need to revisit since moving to this very high fat, snacky island), working from home to be with my teens, saving money, advance in my career.

But my greatest example of the power of resolutions doesn't come from me, but from my husband.

Ron did not grow up in the best of circumstances.  His childhood was a dog eat dog kind of world.

I don't hear a lot about those experiences from him, but when we're around family, I learn a lot, and I wonder how he survived, to be honest.

Ron grew into an angry man.  He had a hard time trusting people.  He made some bad choices.  But inside, he still had a good heart.  He was brutally honest, a hard worker, highly intelligent and he had enough grit to go out and get whatever he felt he needed.  I am not, nor have never been, what we call confident.  I was just a gal who loved life, had specific goals, and wanted so much more in my life.  I met Ron and was completely swept off my feet.

Ron had already committed himself to follow Christ, but he was still trying to find how to accomplish that.  He always tells people, he had been a member of the LDS faith for many years before he actually became converted to the ways and will of the Lord.  He had to learn to trust again.

There came a time that he decided that he simply could not function under the weight of anger.  He made the decision to let it go.  He knew that no one else could or would make him happy.  No one else could make him angry, or hurt him.  He was the only person responsible for who he was and what he did.  He knew it and he knew God knew it - and Ron feels that ultimately, Heavenly Father is who he answers and reports to, so he keeps Him and His will as his focus.  Such declarations may sound like a cheesy Pinterest post, but they truly were life changing, for all of us.

Ron shows his family every day what a man of God looks like.  We are so blessed.

“Why should I desire more than to perform the work to which I have been called?” (Alma 29:6)


  1. Most of all I enjoyed reading about and looking at photos of, Ron's personal journey. Next time could you do the same about yourself?
    Sister Hinckley

    1. Oh heavens, I write far too much about myself already. How about I just refer you to a post from last year? Its a fair representation of my journey, I think.....