Thursday, May 1, 2014

Miracles Abound

Last Sunday I tried to chronicle in my journal the miracles that have been happening since we put our papers in for our mission.  Ron laughed as I said I had filled a whole page.  "I would think it would be a whole epic novel".  He's right.  It's been quite overwhelming, actually.  I ping pong between tears of joy and terrifying panic attacks.  It's a bold move, selling everything off.  I knew it would be hard - but most of the sales have been way toooooooooo easy!  For the fourth time so far, people have shown up at the door ready to buy huge amounts of our belongings.  I have no room to complain, but as I was trying to explain to our daughter Veronica, I haven't even had time to go through many of these things, look them over, shuffle through memories, research good prices.  It's just "I want that, how much?"....panic...."Oh, I think I want such and such"......"SOLD".  Grab and go.  Good-bye beautiful thing.  I shall miss you....if I even remember what you are.   Years from now, I am sure that I will be saying "whatever happened to......".

Here is my list.  It grows daily:

Miracles that have happened

  1. We have the means and faith;
  2. Clearly, in both our jobs, it is time;
  3. Our home sold in a very difficult market;
  4. the exact right people;
  5. we have had great success in selling many of our possessions;
  6. Heavenly Father knew the exact, perfect mission for us
  7. He led us to that mission gently, but firmly;
  8. Our family is ready
  9. Amazingly, a change has taken place that will pay for much of Ron's Medicare costs (at least Part B - maybe Part D also)
  10. We will keep being led to making correct decision, both big and small;
  11. Missionary work has become a great joy and blessing;
  12. Our lives have become richer every day.
There are specific examples - and they are incredible, yet very personal.  I wish I was verbose enough to be able to write them out.  One of the loveliest parts is the generosity and support we have received from friends, family, co-workers and absolute strangers.  It's amazing what has happened when we share that we are leaving on a mission.  People, even those not of our faith, get so excited for us.  I love their enthusiasm.  They come up with such great questions. We have been trusted with keeping items we have sold until we leave....which is heartwarming when it comes from friends, but that absolute strangers are saying "no, no - let me pay for it now and I'll pick it up in a few months".....It's just overwhelming.

Ron and I have had such great opportunity to share the love we have for our Lord, which is what we've been praying for.  But more over, we have seen how good, supportive and humble other people are.  We can see that Heavenly Father truly loves all of His children - and for good reason.  We live in a cynical world, but that is our own shortcoming.  We love these wonderful people who have come into our home and hearts.  They are buoying and humbling us and we will forever be grateful.

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