Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ten Amazing Things About Serving at the Polynesian Cultural Center

10 Great Things Count-down:  
What We Get To Look Forward To In Hawaii

10.  Duh..... it's .....HAWAII!!!!

9. We are now going to become
the 'popular' relatives -
EVERYONE is going to want
to come visit us!!!

7.  We get to eat weird, asian fruits
and veggies
6.  Ron gets to go
back to being a surfer boy!
5.  Famous leaders, stars,
singers, artists and the like
come here.  Who are we going to meet???
3.  We are going to live by a
full-time genealogy library and
I can visit it anytime I want to (and I want to!)
4.  We get to wear aloha wear and
sandals every day.

2.   We are going to live by a temple
for the first time EVER, and we can visit it
every week if we want to (and we WANT to!)

1.   We will be serving the Lord full time....
and that's most important of all!

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