Friday, February 8, 2013

Heading Back To Peru

Big news, I ‘m heading to Peru the end of May for two weeks with an eye glass clinic, sponsored by Hope Alliance.  I’m going with my dear friend, Deneen Pond and I am EXCITED!  If you would like to see a video that shows what they do, click here:

When I was in Peru 5+ years ago, I wrote an entire blog.  I won’t bore you with the multi-post experience, but here’s a fun post:

It was a great experience, but it was also very…..humbling.  The truth is, I didn’t fit in at all.  I even came across as rather stupid.  I DID!  Didn’t help that I fell on my face, had my first gall bladder attack, didn’t drink (which made me look positively antisocial,) brought a broken stethoscope and wasn’t smart enough to know it, and exploded my roommate’s hair dryer that I borrowed without permission  (shame on me.)

You may be asking why I’m going back for more humiliation.  Because, as I said, it was a great experience.  Why?  Going to Peru wasn’t about my travelmates, who I must make clear were very VERY good people who were just confused by my presence and performance.  The purpose of the outreach was serving the people of Pucasana, and they loved me.  Moreover, I LOVED them.  I spent two weeks entertaining the masses.  NOT what I wanted to do.  I wanted to be important.  I wanted to do something “medical”, but God knew better.

First, I was humbled.  VERY humbled.  Walking around with half your face scabbed because you actually tripped over a road bump will do that for you.  Second, I was so much better at entertaining than I have ever been at anything ‘medical’.  I got to play all day, everyday.  I jumped rope.  I drew smiley faces on a billion hands, I did pantomime (mainly because I know, like, 20 words in Espanol.)  I listened and paid attention and spent time and FELT a part of the community.  No one else from our team had that opportunity.

In a nutshell, I got to experience simple service and it felt incredible.

Well, I want to feel that again,
…and again
…and again.

Thanks to the husband, for his tolerance AND support.  Good Ron, nice Ron, super Ron!

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