Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little late, but here are this year's goals

I have become painfully aware that I am losing ground.  As much as I want to be that patient, loving, wise and health conscious matriarch of hearth and home – I find that I am a finicky, ill tempered, quick to speak and slow to repent glutton and that I do all this in an uncomplimentary childlike manner.

For this, I am truly sorry, and I really hope sufficiently repentant. 

So my goal, besides world peace and looking like a 20 year old again, would be to bite my tongue, bide my time, trust my Lord and give my husband and children room to be the glorious beings they are.  I want to actually utilize my desire to serve God.

So, how do I translate that into action?

Bite my tongue
I will concentrate throughout the day in sharing my opinion only when asked

Bide my time
I will offer support rather than direction unless specifically asked.  If I blow it, as I know I will, I will recognize my failure and try again.

Trust my Lord
I will identify and reject actions and reactions based on fear. I will focus more on what Jesus would have me do.  I will utilize the Sacrament to ponder His wisdom and His plan for me (write this goal on a card to take out and review every Sunday)

Give family room to be glorious
I will let them be in charge of their own decisions without expressing opinion and especially without showing disappointment or aggravation.  If I want something, I will state it simply and honestly and then move on.

I will strive to be the wife my eternal companion deserves and repent of pouting and being hurt over things that were never meant the way I took them.  I will recognize that my emotions are not my husband’s emotions

I will try to reflect and encourage the good in the world.  Jesus loved the poor, needy and downtrodden, the sick and the afflicted and so will I.

And because I also really like to include practical goals:
1.  Lose 15 pounds by May.  No excuses
2.  God willing, sell this house
3.  Reduce spending
4  Take that BOM trip in November
5.  Work hard, play more, read books AND have regular scripture study
6.  Have conversations with Heavenly Father rather than blah, blah, blah.

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