Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas - 2011 - A special anniversary

Really?  Honest?  I haven't posted since the wedding?  Oh my, I've been a BADDDDD girl.

Well, I am now posting our family Christmas letter.  Normally I boor people with a year in review.  I'm not going to do that this year - because:

a)  I've already talked all about this year; and
b) I have something more important to talk about....which is the fact that Ron and I are about to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary!

So, now I'm going to boor you with a recap of 35 years!

Well, actually, let's start BEFORE me met.

Ron was born at Hamilton Field Air Force Base in 1948.  He grew up in the Sacramento/Stockton  and Reno area until his senior year in high school when he moved to Davenport, Iowa.  He then joined the Coast Guard.  Eventually, he ended up back in Reno, NV.

Here's Ron as a young whipper snapper

 I was born in 1957 in San Jose Calif.  I also lived in San Bernardino and in Calpine - both in California, before moving to Reno, NV for my senior year of high school.
And me around the same time....
High School
Graduation - 1975

Ron in the Coast Guard
Looking sooooo handsome!

We met in September of 1976.  We were married 2.5 months later.  Look, I knew a good thing when I saw it.  What can I say?
Rons and my special day - December 18, 1976

It took me 9 months to convince Ron that a family was in order.  Cute lil' cuddly babies were all I wanted.

Michael B. Jones was born in 1978. Veronica Marie was born in 1978 - 1 year and 10 days apart.

Me in 1977

And around 1985

It didn't take us long to realize that Reno was NOT the place to raise our off to Flagstaff we went.

We stayed there for 23 years.  We loved Flagstaff.

We had a great life if Flagstaff.  Ron got to fish, and I got to be a mom.  I loved being a mom....

Ron doing what he loves best...

Audra was born in 1989

Our family began to grow - and grow

In 2003 we moved to Sequim, WA....Ron retired for about 1 year.  I worked odd jobs...some odder than others!

By 2006 our children were grown and gone and we were back to being 'just us'.

We've discovered that we enjoy 'us'.  We love each other.  Somedays more than others (joke)....but all in all - we are very contented with our lives and very secure in our friendship.  Ron is one of the greatest, most amazing men I know and I'm so blessed to have been by his side these past 35 years!



Love, true love

Merry Christmas dear friends and families - hope your holidays and the year to come are filled with love, health and happiness.

Nina and Ron


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. You both look the same as when you got married. That is a blessing in itself. Enjoy the season. Sandy Alger

  2. Thanks Nina for sharing. What great pictures and wonderful memories. So grateful to know and love you! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love, Tamara