Saturday, May 15, 2010

Found this cartoon - it's so cute, don't you think?

This cartoon is for my Gareth.

I've been doing missionary work - real - crack the book open and preach the Word of God - missionary work - for the first time. I'm not the type of gal who would even consider stuffing anything down anyone's throat (well, more than that I AM the type of girl to be just a big fat chicken), but Christ loved His fellow man and trusted in Heavenly Father so much that he was willing to talk to them about goodness and truth and love and did it knowing it would cost him his very life.....well, so who am I to complain, eh? I might shake in my knees and turn bright red, but I really do so want to share the most important thing in my life BECAUSE there is such a power and intelligence and truth that the Gospel brings that people just shouldn't miss.
I LOVE the Gospel. I LOVE feeling the truth and seeing how it all fits together.

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!!!!!! Itty Bitty brain to try to figure it all out in (that would be mine..ladies and gentlemen.) Looking at the vast expanse of stars at night and knowing that they are trillions of miles away hurts my head. But even my pea brain can recognize truth and light - probably the most amazing miracle of all (holy smokes!)

It's frustrating to try to explain it to other people (so why - OH WHY - am I trying to explain it here????) Probably because it's so easy to share my innermost thoughts to a computer screen.

So with all that - what I'm trying to say is that I have had some AMAZING experiences. Miracles even. It's soooooooooo cool! It's so - humbling. It''s.... tres chic!

“…Let the spirit of this gospel be so embedded in my soul that though I go through poverty, through tribulation, through persecution, or to death, let me and my house serve God and keep his laws.”

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith, 416

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