Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grandma visits the Ledbetters

Just returned from welcoming grandbaby #11 into the world. I have just a few pics to share - and a video or two!

Check out the 'baby lo-jack' (anti newborn theft device)


  1. Geeze they're growing up quick! They're all adorable, even James. I miss them and am jealous you got to see them. And Sissy looks more like you every day.

  2. You KNOW, Roni is going to be in Texas next year around April, I think - maybe you guys can plan something. Maybe we can coordinate something too. Hey, if it's earlier April (or even March???), Audra will be off of school too. How exciting is that?

  3. That was too cute! "I'm going to swim fwom hew to theaw."
    I'd like to go to Texas in April. Ther's a whole group of Jonses and a Ledbetter I've never met. Oooh! and Audra might be there? Now that would be a maximized opportunity! Let me know if ya'll start making plans.

  4. Just saw the baby pic, so cute, love the cams of the girls, sure do miss that bunch. Where is Roni going to be at in TX?